Cyber sleuthing Kelsey Davis

The first thing I found when I googled Kelsey Davis were two well known people .  One was a soccer player in the United States. The other was a news reporter for WDSU. Obviously none of them were the Kelsey I was looking for. So, I tried to narrow down my search even more and added “Regina” after Kelsey Davis. This didn’t really help. I assumed Kelsey Davis was a pretty common name. So, I added “education” after Kelsey Davis Regina and I finally got some results. The first link I found was the February 2014 newsletter for St.Gregory School and in it they welcomed Kelsey (Ms.Davis) as their new reading support volunteer.  I also found a newsletter from Mother Teresa Middle School thanking Kelsey and other volunteers for their efforts. Those were the only two sources I found that provided any information about Kelsey. I tried looking for her on Facebook but once again, there were too many Kelsey Davis’. Other than that, I found her Twitter and blog.

Overall, cyber sleuthing Kelsey was kind of difficult. I didn’t find a lot of personal information, which is good for Kelsey, but I was able to find some information related to her education. However, I was only able to find that because I knew she was in the Faculty of Education and I was able to add that to narrow the search.

I felt kind of awkward while cyber sleuthing Kelsey, especially because I don’t really know her. However, it proved that  the internet makes it  SO easy for ANYONE to creep on someone within seconds!



Cyber Sleuthing Amie Reid

First off, when searching for Amie Reid, you have to sift past a heap of pornographic links.  I just assume these links are not her.  I’m also writing this in public, so I didn’t exactly verify. After two pages, I also gave up trying to locate her on Facebook.  She probably has a different name […]

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Back to the drawing board

This week I decided that I had to get more specific with my planning so that I could get home and do my workout. I found myself constantly scrolling through Pinterest to find a plan that I felt like doing that night so it would take longer to find the right plan for me than […]

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New Online Culture

We now live in an age where the internet and social media are big parts of our lives. I think I can safely say that most people spend more time online than they do with engaging themselves in other activities. We are constantly on our phones checking emails, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. All of these […]

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You have been googled

Okay so this week I had the opportunity to Cyber sleuth Angela in my ECMP 355 class and I have to say I was pretty surprised at the very personal details I was able to find.  First off I found her full name and then I was able to find her parents names and her brother and […]

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The Classroom is Changing

For the last three years in school we have talked about the importance of engaging students, and making learning active. I believe that using technology often does this. Students are able to create, re-create, and engage with learning concepts in new ways everyday. When I was a student, my teachers taught me through my textbook, […]

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Shelby, The Cyberslueth. Ft. Emma-Leigh

I chose to cyberslueth my good friend Emma-Leigh Slobodzian (soon to be Mrs. Pirio, woo!) When I first typed her name into Google, her WordPress and Pinterest accounts popped up, as well as news articles about softball. As I dug a little further, I discovered a few obituaries of some of her loved ones. When I […]

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For my ECMP 355 class we were asked to do a learning project in which we could choose to learn anything we wanted. I chose to learn how to do yoga because I feel that as I get better, it can help manage stress! Below is a slightly embarrassing video of me attempting yoga poses. […]

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