New Phone Who Dis?

Alec brought up some really unique ideas about the internet. I had never really thought about how memes are so international. It is something one person starts and it travels the globe. For example, think about how many Donald Trump memes you have seen. More than likely someone in the US started those and little old me from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan saw the meme. The internet is a way to connect globally and you can even start trends. There has been trends such as Young Me vs. Old Me photos where families recreate pictures they took when they were babies. The internet is also a great way to share and have an outreach program. Many people post happy things like marriage proposals on social media and they also post sad things like passing of loved ones or breakups. It is a way to have a support program in a sense. The internet has so many positive things about it but it brings up the question can you share too much?


Being in a professional career, I try to be really conscious of my social media. My Facebook is very private so only my friends can see what I’ve posted. My Instagram is not private but I’m very filtered about what I post and it is usually about makeup or fashion. I created a separate Twitter account to differentiate between my personal tweets and professional thoughts. Your social media is such a big part of your life in 2016. You have to be very conscious about you’re saying because news spreads quickly now. Having the internet at our fingertips is such a blessing and curse at the same time. The other day I forgot when women were able to vote in Saskatchewan and within 3 seconds of a Google search, I knew women could vote in 1916. That’s the blessing of technology but the curse is how many young people are using social media and how quickly it can create havoc. My niece and nephew are under the age of three and both can run an iPad. When I was three, I was whipping up fake pancakes at my play kitchen. Them playing with technology at such a young age feels wrong to me. Alec showed us an example of a woman who inappropriately tweeted about AIDS in Africa and how everyone on social media completely trolled and ripped this woman’s life apart. I’m sure she was fired from her job and lost many connections from one small lack of judgement. I’m not justifying what she did, it is just an example of how quickly the internet can be a negative place for so many reasons. The internet has so many bonuses but really needs to be filtered and used appropriately and in moderation.

For those who don’t know what the title of this post refers to. Here is a small explanation and origin.


Future of Farming

Can we even classiffy todays farmers as actual farmers?

Todays technology is changing the world and many of todays careers are also changing rapidly along with the technology it is ran by. For example for all you farm kids out there; Case ih has made a tractor that you can control from the dinner table off of an iPad. It is ran by satellites and even will drive from the farm to the fields. Honestly I believe it is a good way in some cases. Honestly if this idea succeeds I believe it will be one of the best break throughs for the agriculture industry.

I am also predicting there  will be many malfunctions and problems with the navigation system, along with accidents it will cause. Like always technology is never 100% reliable I find anyways.

Getting back to my point, this could revolutionize the industry but is this truly traditional farming? Has technology gone too far?

Please leave your thoughts on this product!

The Crazy Internet

If you haven’t watched this video yet I highly recommend you do; it is quite funny and interesting.

From watching this clip it got me really thinking about how fast things can travel around the internet. Something can go viral in just seconds of being posted. Which means as a teacher if you post something that is not appropriate on the internet your students and students parents can see it and send it to all their friends. In the end everyone has seen the post and it can’t be erased.

Technology is a amazing thing but can also be bad if not used right.

The Grammatically Correct hero.

The lovely Grammarly logo
The lovely Grammarly logo

Every lost marks due to missed punctuation? Of course, you have, everyone has, we as humans aren’t computers, we make mistakes. Now there is a solution, and no it isn’t spell check on Microsoft Word, or even worse Google Docs. There is a heaven sent website called Grammarly. Grammarly allows the user to copy their work into it, and it checks the entire piece of work for grammatical errors. Somewhere a comma is needed, there is a run on sentence, missed a capital, not a problem Grammarly is there to catch it.

This is incredibly helpful for all students, whether it be middle school students, high school students, and university students. Someone can only read their own work so many times before it starts to seem flawless. Also sometimes an editor can miss something, or not care, and just say it’s golden. Then there is always the dreaded last minute, midnight essay, done the night before its due, and can’t check it over because it’s 3:30 am. This is the answer to all the above real life situations.

Now that there is a new hero on the streets going by the name of Grammarly, all last minute essays, and self-proofs are now not a problem. It is as making an account, and copying & pasting.

Learning Project – posted the right way

This is the page where you will see me try, grow, fail, learn, and then fail some more as I explore the crazy cycling world of Cyclocross.

I have been a fan of the cycling world for a while as I keep a close eye on the Tour de France every year. My wife and I bought bikes a while ago, but I got a mountain bike, while she got a road bike. She was wanting some company on her road rides, so we decided to get me a road bike as well. Then, I saw a friend post a photo about a race I had never heard of: Cyclocross. I hopped onto youtube and my jaw dropped. It looked crazy and fun and ridiculously challenging. I wanted in!

So, we bought a bike (which will be here by the 24th). We then went to a park in Regina to watch a Cyclocross race happen. It was really fun, intense, and definitely made me excited about the journey I was about to take.

Once I realized what I was doing, I thought “Learning Project!” So here we are.

The sport is a crazy combination of cycling and an obstacle course. It’s pretty crazy, so check out this youtube video I found about what it is.



OK, this is new for me. lesson plan is a very difficult assignment for me. The more i think about making a lesson plan the more confused i get. I think putting thoughts on a piece of paper is very difficult then putting procedures. So, i tried making it easier for myself by writing everything and every detail of my day into objectives and steps, and how i performing through out my day. After two days of writing my day routine… ohh now I wrote two lesson plan in just 30 mins.

My Thinking



There is a fair amount of work going on for the betterment of education but the problem is on the web, users cannot find many things at one place which they want. Users have to search a lot to find the solution to their educational problem. Not many people know about the sources who are doing education related research work and projects. Students who have done their thesis and research work, their work may get unnoticed, for example if an individual researcher or the students invent new and cheap app related to education, their hard work should get noticed they should have an easy source to show their work to the world. They might get sponsor from companies to further research on that. Very less opportunities are available for such people to show their abilities due to long registration processes people cannot get their work published. Most of the present websites related to education are kind of corporate websites they do not show the ads of other websites of same field.

My website, Education Hub will focus on solutions and taking action in order to create a positive vision for the future education. It will provide the platform for the companies, researchers and students who are looking for the attention and opportunities. This project will play its part in creating new opportunities for users. They will be able to share their work on the website. Companies and individuals will be able to post advertisements of their work related to education to get work for them. The website will provide awareness about the educational betterment for everyone. It will inform the people about new educational technologies, new inventions and about new discoveries. Anyone will be able to share their work, knowledge, advice voluntarily related to education. Website blog will provide a place for discussion for better education, problems in education and new discoveries. This website will be the source of information and at the same time it will provide the chance for people to get the jobs and projects.

Tech-NO-logy in the Classroom

So this was my first blog post from way back in January.

For people that have not figured it out yet, this is my second attempt at ECMP355. A majority of my experiences in my first attempt were negative and ultimately closed some doors for me when it comes to the topic of technology in the classroom. It was a chore, twitter specifically, because we were expected to tweet daily. I couldn’t connect anything that was being talked about to myself or to my teaching philosophies. However now I’m in the perfect environment for my style of learning because I now have a basic understanding of the content to build off of instead of nothing and I can reach out and help peers that might be experiencing struggles that I dealt with before.

Presently for me however this experience of failure has helped me grow as an educator because it brings forward questions about why and how this came about to be. I personally believe in a class there needs to be a clear idea and discussion between a teacher and the students about what it means to succeed and what it would mean to fail. If students are struggling to get where they need to be then the teacher should intervene and help the student work through what they are struggling with.

So, where does technology come into play? Well there are all kinds of apps and tools that can be brought into a classroom environment to help facilitate getting everyone where they need to go. If students are too shy or scared to talk openly about the issues they are having then you can bring in an anonymous chat app or tool so that students can ask those questions to their peers or teacher.  There are tools like google docs which are perfect for monitoring students working on projects, it also lets them do different kinds of group work and work from different places more readily. There are tools to help aid in the visualization of certain scientific or mathematical phenomena, I was recently introduced to desmos which is an online graphic calculator and it helped us visualize what parts of a unit circle are representative of the 6 trigonometric functions.

TL;DR I failed this class once and it made me really bitter towards the subject material, but now with things being cast a different light and me having new lenses to look through I am better able to make connections and re-open the doors that were closed on me while also opening new doors.


My Thoughts on Education and Critical Thinking

One of my professors in university once opened a class at the beginning of the semester with the quote,

“You can lead students to knowledge, but you can’t make them think.”

I can’t recall what the origins of the quote were or if it was something she had come up with but it stuck with me. As a  person who is focusing on Maths and the Sciences critical thinking is key and that quote sums up everything I believe in when it comes to education. So what is it that I believe in?

I believe that…

  • A classroom should be a positive space where students are encouraged to voice their ideas without fear of how it will be received by their peers.
  • Students will engage in a lesson when their needs as a learner are met.
  • Information should be presented to learners in such a way that they can actively make discoveries about content instead of having it lectured to them.
  • Students should have as many opportunities as possible to bring their personal interests into the subject material.
  • Learning should be a collaborative endeavour where learners can build their ideas off of each other to come to a conclusion about an idea or solution to a problem.
  • Students should all experience struggles and challenges in some way with their work, and that is when the learning will truly have meaning, they need to work through this and not be saved by the teacher.

So looking at my specifically how do these ideas and this quote impact my teaching? I think that in the fields of Maths and Sciences it is of the utmost importance that the work be a collaborative effort because there are very few “real world” situations where you are working on something all alone, you will almost always have someone around to bounce ideas off of. This doesn’t mean that all assignments should be group projects or that all work must be done in groups, but that in non group situations students should be encouraged to still keep open lines of communication with peers. I want students to know that it is okay to speak up if they have an idea even if they don’t think it is “right” because by simply speaking up I as an educator can see how they are thinking of the material and perhaps I or their peers can help build on their idea to move them to where they need to go.

To me the Teacher is a guide, it is their job to give the students the tools they need and to bring them to a space where they can experience deeper thoughts and ultimately learning. The student is at the centre of everything and each learner’s experience will be unique to themselves which is why they need that positive environment where they can think, grow and engage as the develop the skills they need to use the tools provided to them by their teacher. I believe through these kinds of learning experiences it becomes possible for students to be better motivated when it comes to seeking and continuing their learning, it becomes possible for students to ask deep reaching questions about the world around them and to seek out change.

What are your beliefs about education and learning? Should students be left in charge of their own learning, or should the teacher have a more hands on traditional approach?


Ethical Concerns: Where do you draw the line?

How much personal information, in general, should you exchange with your students?

As teachers we like to get up close and personal with our students in the goals of build a one-on-one relationship with them. This can be very effective when dealing with troubles students who need that extra attention and require you to work harder to build that relationship with them. In this case you may want to meet with the parents and learn to understand the child’s home life, which often can affect their performance in school.  You may also find it good to build relationships with their students and their parents. Its allows the parent to build trust in you and feel safe about leaving their children in your hand. With saying all of this I think that sharing personal information with students is ok to an extent. When sharing information I feel that there should be limit on what I put put there on the web. If I use the web wisely and put a limit on what I allow people to see about me then there is nothing to worry about.

We live in a time where it is normal to share every waking moment of our lives through social media. When we wake up we check our Facebook for the latest updates, when we are bored or at an event we snapchat to our friends what we are doing. We follow celebrates through twitter and and Instagram to keep track of what they do every moment of every hour.  You may ask why? Like the video “Do We Share Too Much Information Online?”  “one of the three basic human needs is feeling wanted or that you belong to something” (Thrash Lab), we often care too much about statues because we value ourself through statue and how much people see/ like what we do through social media. However, people often forget that the more we put “stuff” out there the more we begin to share thing that we don’t want to. We forget that what you put out there on the web is forever place in the big social web that is free to the public and that cant be taken back and deleted.

So when I think about the topic of how much should we exchange information with out students or in general, I think about the things that I want people to know about me that I know will not come back to bit me in the behind. I try to make sure that I present myself in the best version of myself, socially and on the web. I  think that it is ok to share safe information about yourself to your students and the web as long as what I’m doing serves a purpose. I just think is this something I can be proud of 10, 20 years from now. If yes, then I leave it and if not then I removing it. I do this knowing that one day my parents, family, future children may see what I put on social media and I want them to feel proud and not ashamed of the things I’ve done.

This topic is all based on perspective, so tell me what do you think.

How much personal information, in general, should you exchange with your students/ people?




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